Our partners

Action for Southern Africa is the campaigning successor organisation to the Anti Apartheid Movement, supporting groups in the region working for development, rights and justice.  This image shows the Swaziland Rural Women’s Assembly marching for their equal rights.
ACTSA is helping to improve women’s rights in southern Africa, particularly in Zimbabwe and Swaziland. Our ground breaking project campaigning for women’s rights in Swaziland was launched last year, and in the past seven years ACTSA has provided over seven million sanitary products to women in Zimbabwe through our Dignity! Period campaign.



The Trevor Huddleston Memorial Centre is establishing the Sophiatown Motswako Culture and Enterprise Hub – an initiative including  a new building to offer enterprise development training for youth living in the historic western area neighbourhoods.  Accredited training in business and IT is already on offer for up to 200 youth annually,  From 2013 this will be complemented by support to establish a small business in the incubator, be available to youth who have the potential to be entrepreneurs.   Your support can help establish a seed fund for small businesses, or pay for one person to complete the 3 month training course giving relevant work skills in IT, communication and business practices.   This photo shows our 2012 graduates on awards day, in Sophiatown.    Go to our ABOUT page to meet one of our students who is running his own  business.  


The Borien Educational Foundation works in rural schools to support teacher development, and to improve the learning environment, including equipment, teaching assistance, and school governance processes to help parents become more involved in their children’s education.   Our work includes providing volunteer teaching coaches and redirecting school furniture from the UK and other parts of South Africa to the Eastern Cape, the poorest province in the country. BEFSA’s overall aim is to eradicate poverty in the areas where it works through the education programmes and activities it runs, the most important of which is a school partnership programme through which the charity links schools in the rural areas of SA with schools in the UK.

BEFSA is currently supporting 65 school partnerships linking schools in the Fort Beaufort Schools District and the Nelson Mandela Cluster with schools in the UK. It is the ambitious aim of BEFSA to link all 265 schools in the Fort Beaufort schools district with a UK school.  Here a volunteer coaches learners in the IT lab, fitted out by BEFSA.




Joburg Child Welfare has offered professional care and protection for the City’s children since 1907.  Today JCW has a wide network of volunteers as well as specialists working to create a safety net for our most vulnerable children and their families.  From child protection to residential care and fostering, JCW ensure that no child needs to suffer from poverty or abuse.   This photo shows JCW award recipient Eddie Izzard with the Saracens at the recent ceremony to highlight the work of JCW.       Your support makes a direct difference to the lives of children who are abandoned, abused, or simply caught in the severe poverty that affects so many families in our nation.   You don’t need to run a marathon (or 27 like Eddie !) though….join the Walk for Freedom.


Inspired by South Africa’s icon of service to the nation, Nelson Mandela, we invite everyone to celebrate the day of first democratic elections in 1994 (April 27) and mark the 27 years he spent in prison for a democratic state, here in the UK.     Go to the register page and sign up to WALK or simply go to the donate page:   http://www.justgiving.com/theashafdn and make a difference today.

Thank you